sélection de films thailandais

Some thai movies

Cinema is one of my favorite media to soak up the culture of a country. Here is a selection of movies that I watched in original version with subtitles. Not all of them are good, but they are at least of aesthetic interest.

Bangkok Dangerous

Definitely the worst movie on this list. Nicolas Cage plays the tough guy in a film with an insipid scenario whose only interest is to visit a Bangkok well filmed. We find there all the clichés of the conquering farang, of course it is an American movie…

Dynamite Warrior

A pure masterpiece. I was expecting a children’s movie, which is not far from being the case, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the sets and the costumes which gives a rather interesting vision of the history of the Issan region. Other than that, it’s still a good big action movie not very fine but rather well paced, fun and well choreographed. Martial arts movie lovers will appreciate it.

Last Life in the Universe

A beautiful movie, tough, psychological, introspective. A reflection on love, loneliness, death … Good actors, an intelligent and well-filmed drama. Gentlemen, a movie that you can offer to your sweetheart without appearing to be a selfish person who watches only stupid movies.

Tears of the Black Tiger

I loved. An ultra-funny kitsch Thai western, and a little sad too, it’s Thai all the same!


Heavy. There we go through Thailand to go to Myanmar. Against the backdrop of post-tsunami trauma, a mother who lost her child goes looking for him, accompanied by her husband. There is not much missing in this movie to make it a very good one but it is worth watching. The whole is heavy, glaucous, in this sense it is successful. The images are beautiful, the acting rather up to par.

Only God forgives

Not perfect but can be watched. A fairly violent movie that would have benefited from being played by a better lead actor but in the end the whole is still not bad.

Pee mak

To be placed at the top of the list if you wish to watch an authentic Thai movie. This comedy centered on a story of spirits and ghosts has had great success in the country. A good movie, with no pretension but to be funny and which should please everyone.

Uncle Boonmee, the one who remembers his past lives

Palme d’or 2010, Prize for the best Asian film 2011, the praise never ceases on this movie. Personally I found it annoying and inconsistent, with the exception of a few passages that somewhat break the boredom of watching this too long movie.

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