carte Revolut

Revolut in Vietnam, carte blanche for adventure

We no longer present the Revolut neo-bank and its competitive offer. With N26 and Ultim, among others, these services are advantageous when you are abroad. Their specificity lies in more favorable exchange rates than those of your bank. Whether it’s for withdrawals or card payments, it’s always a bonus to avoid fees, in the end it’s a little more purchasing power.

Personally I don’t care about fees in general and just buy the service that simplifies my life the most, namely withdrawing at the nearest ATM and paying by card when it suits me. In Vietnam it is common for traders to increase card transactions by 3 to 5% to cover their costs. I am also regularly grieved to see Westerners indignant at this practice, arguing that in their country it does not happen like that. I always want to urge them to return to their wonderful country to continue complaining.

For professional reasons I had to create a Revolut account and as the application harassed me I bought a card. The entry-level formula being a little limited I fell back on the Premium offer which is the most advantageous. Concretely, it allows me to withdraw up to € 400 free of charge every month, which is roughly equivalent to 10 million VDN, say 9 since there are exchange fees and ATM fees. This card is worth 8 €, to withdraw an equivalent amount with my French Visa I have between 18 and 25 € fees. So this is a good option on paper.

Although it is possible to create accounts in multiple currencies, Revolut does not yet offer VDN account creation. However, the advantages of the Revolut card are numerous and more particularly in Vietnam.

Travel insurance. This is a central subject and for many it is one of the most important aspects of the life of a digital nomad: to have solid insurance and currently if possible with cornavirus coverage. Personally I don’t have insurance and I don’t care. However, I was interested in the one included with this card. No luck, it is limited to stays not exceeding 40 days. If by case tomorrow I feel the urge to invest in insurance (rather than slamming this budget in beach bars) I always have the option of buying an offer via the app.

Revolut a cut card for the trip

When I used my Revolut card for the first time, I felt a little thrill of pleasure in feeling my 3 million, maximum authorized in most ATMs. It was beginner’s luck. A few days later, I had the unpleasant surprise that my withdrawal was refused at the same ATM. Since then, I go back there regularly but it seems that it absolutely does not want my card anymore. And where it gets interesting is that it’s not the only one. Regularly, I find an ATM that agrees to drop me some cash. When I go back, I can’t withdraw again. Add to this that 4 out of 5 ATMs immediately reject the card, the malicious ones waiting until I have completed all the steps to refuse the transaction.

Revolut is a new generation card for globetrotters

It’s not daddy’s card that you can pick up without surprise in 99% of the ATMs. There is a challenge, you have to have patience and be ready to swallow miles. Lately, after failing to withdraw for a day, I got up, refueled my scooter, and decided to ride until I found an obedient ATM. When I got back I had done exactly 20 miles and about a dozen ATMs. This particularity makes me think that it is even possible to tape its code on this card. If it falls into the wrong hands, until the person finds an ATM that works, you will most likely have time to have it blocked.

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