plage cachée au nord de Phu Quoc

Quiet in Vietnam

2021 began with a few weeks of cold in Hoi An. I took the opportunity to migrate to Saigon then to Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc, a good spot for winter

Phu Quoc is nice for the winter. The minimums were over 20°C and the infill low enough to have a choice of accommodation. In the north of the island, I returned to a paradisiacal beach that is difficult to access, with a small restaurant, a few bungalows, turquoise water and white sand. To the east of the island, the Taoist temple is also worth a visit.

Miss Buddha

Still in Hoi An

At the end of January I returned to Hoi An, feeling like I was coming home. Since then, the weeks have gone by quickly without my feeling impatient. I made it up to myself and patiently wait on the spot for the overall situation to improve before considering traveling more. I thought about roaming Vietnam, but it’s really not the right time for that. It is more reasonable to limit its movements.

A little looseness

Over the past few months I have integrated various behaviors that I usually find distressing in expats or nomads. Once in a while still goes by, but when it becomes a way of life … but that’s the theory and I’m weak.
The first of my principles that I have gleefully trampled on is food. Blame it on a French cook who opened Pandora’s box. From there, culinary discussions with other expats and it’s the kind of gear where you just have to put your finger to be swallowed whole. I continue to eat Vietnamese but the deviations are very frequent.

To tell the truth, this winter I started a drastic diet because I had stomach pain. I eliminated alcohol, coffee, peppers, gluten. Then meats, fats, certain vegetables, starches … I ate exclusively shellfish and basil when I realized that I had a tapeworm. With a triple dose of the appropriate medication the problem was solved but in the meantime I had changed my eating habits.
Good to know: in Vietnam, when you eat anywhere, anything, as I like to do, you have to treat yourself with Fugacar every 6 months.

Just as demeaning as pizza, Netflix. You really have to be a poor spirit to watch Netflix when you see the beach from your living room and you are in a country where there is still everything to be discovered. However, I don’t have these kinds of considerations when I swing pleasantly in my hammock enjoying a coconut choco smoothie in front of a great series.

However, I still have a healthier life than when I was in France. I breathe the sea air, I sunbathe as soon as I go out, I exercise daily, I learn a new language, I meet new people … Of course sometimes I would like to see my family, my friends, but I see it more as a stay of a few weeks.

I remain confident in my choices but last year at the same time I was more optimistic about the possibilities of traveling quickly again. I hope I am wrong but if not I will use the months to come to plan and finance my next trips.

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