An Bang Beach à Hoi An pendant la mousson

Monsoon in Hoi An

I had considered spending the winter in a relatively dry and sunny place, but two confinements as well as a big drop in income and activity forced me to revise my plans. I have a job again and a living environment favorable enough to have absolutely no desire to move. However, the rainy season is particularly appalling this year in Hoi An. The typhoons have caused enormous material and human damage and the rain continues to flood the region.

Quite well in Vietnam

The closed borders and the efficient local management of the virus mean that I am in no rush to leave Vietnam. I never tire of local life and I am so anchored in habits that I still have a lot to discover, including a stone’s throw from home. I have more than enough work to reach the beautiful days without having had time to get bored or to wonder what I could do better. I plan to renew my visa as much as possible.

Local expats

I am not the only one who chose to stay. Some have been here for years, others have taken the opportunity to stay. Almost all of the people who made this choice get their income from an online business. For others it is more difficult. The vast majority of expats live in hiding. They do not go out or very little. In the end, I, who thought I was relatively wild since I only go out during the day mainly to eat, I realize that I am part of the small proportion of those who still go to An Bang Beach, the central beach of Hoi An. I got this reliable statistical information from my Vietnamese food delivery man, whom I regularly invite for a small aperitif.

The year 2021

It is fast approaching and will mark for me a year in Vietnam, January 03 to be exact. I am not making any specific plans for this coming year. As always, I will make my choices according to my intuition, my wallet and the available opportunities. It is especially on the professional side that I will make some changes. I am used to working in the shadows and only remote. In 2021, some of my services will target web entrepreneurs such as those I can meet in all the destinations where digital nomads operate. It is therefore an opportunity for me to get out of my cave and integrate myself into the ecosystem to present my services. While writing these lines, however, I am aware that in 4 months I will perhaps reread them with a smile. The unforeseen is one of the charms of the trip.

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