Apps and websites usuefull in Chiang Mai

Digital Resources for Chiang Mai

My selection of apps, sites and Facebook groups to settle down or stay in Chiang Mai.

Apps for Chiang Mai

CM TransitCMTransit

Available in English and Thai CMTransit is the Chiang Mai city bus app. You will find the different bus lines, timetables and a real time location of each bus and even a photo of the driver!

Google MapsMaps – Navigate & Explore

Essential for any traveler, Google Maps makes it easy to get from point A to point B. Before Google Maps tourists and travelers still communicated a little with locals, at least to ask them their way. They were lost and discovered places without having seen the picture from all angles beforehand. As with other services, the practical aspect has its counterpart.


This service is the equivalent of Uber in Thailand. It is particularly practical and economical for motorcycle taxi or car trips. It is also perfect for food delivery. It also allows to deliver goods (shopping, furniture etc) at lower cost.


This app is specialized in food delivery. You can have it delivered anywhere and from a wide selection of restaurants and street stalls. This is Grab’s competitor. By clicking on this link to install it you will receive a welcome offer of 100 baht.


It is the most used messaging in Thailand. It is also very popular in several other Asian countries. Chat, phone, all for free between Line numbers.


AirVisual is certainly one of the best apps to monitor air quality in many cities. It takes into account several sources that are clearly identified and listed on a map.

Google TranslateGoogle Translate

This automatic translator is very practical. Tap on the small speaker below the translation and the smartphone speaks for you with a perfect Thai accent! The translation of the writings via the camera is also very useful, especially to translate restaurant menus, for example.


Airbnb is the reference site to find accommodation with European or Western standards. You will have the pleasure of being able to live in an apartment decorated in exactly the same way as what you could find in Barcelona, ​​Berlin or any other big city. The prices are also harmonized to offer you rates as close as possible to what you could find in Europe or in the West. As there is clientele for, the locals continue to develop Airbnb and to raise the prices. This, of course, poses a small problem for locals who are finding it increasingly difficult to find decent housing at fair prices. This problem is global but Airbnb remains a bargain and a must for travelers.
By registering with this link you will benefit from 25 € discount on your first booking of accommodation + 9 € to use for booking an experience with a minimum value of 43 €.


A little culture with Shazam: you activate it, it listens and gives you the title of the song. So I made a little playlist of Molam and other songs from Southeast Asia.


I only tested this app to learn Thai and although I was not very perseverant, it is not bad. To learn Greek, I used Duolingo which is a step up but unfortunately does not offer Thai language learning.

Chiang Mai web sites

A recent comparison on condos

Convenient to get an idea of ​​the rental market of condos in the medium and long term.


My favorite site for finding cheap airline tickets. After filling in the number of travelers and the destination and a date, click on the calendar to see the cheapest rates on the neighboring dates. To save time on finding the best price for a round trip, I start with a one-way search.


The reference site for short, medium and long-term rentals in Southeast Asia. Using Google Translate can help you find bargains. Those who take the time to write an ad in English, know how much an English speaker is willing to invest (ie too much).

Facebook groups


For advice on local life from people who live in Chiang Mai it is a reactive group.

Expats & Locals Living in Chiang Mai

Another group to benefit from the expertise (or sarcasm) of locals and expats.

Chiang Mai Rental Properties Under 10,000 Per Month

Want to rent a shady hut with snakes or a 60’s condo with origin furniture ? It’s here ! I’m kidding of course, 5% of ads are good deals.

Chiang Mai Digital Nomads

Here you will find mostly successful entrepreneurs who have been so financially successful that they have decided to help you by selling them the secret of their success. Need expensive coaching? You have find the good place.
These offers perfectly fit a regular request that is like: “I’ll be in Chiang Mai in 10 days and I’m going to become a Digital Nomad. What kind of job could i do?”

Chiang Mai Digital Jobs

Drowned in spam for a DN coffee you’ll find some recruitment announcements of which 90% are without indication of remuneration. This is one of the only gateways to recruit or find a mission so I mention it in case it could be useful. For more effective research I can only advise you to broaden your search to groups that cover larger geographical areas (Thailand or Asia for example).

Chiang Mai Second Hand Deals, Buy Buy Trade

Here you can sell or buy used items. Some good deals, some scams.

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