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2019 review

At the end of the year, a page is turned and it’s a good time for a little review. For the past two months I have visited Vientiane and Koh Samui. I also returned to Koh Phangan. I spent the rest of my time in Chiang Mai where I have now been settled for eight months.

2019 has been a rich year on various fronts and overall I’m pretty happy with it. I started it in Rhodes in Greece before migrating to Southeast Asia in early April. My first observation is that I am writing this article in summer clothes, with the windows wide open while it is late December. I totally adhere to the good aspects of life in Chiang Mai: the warmth, the services, the politeness and the kindness of the locals in the first place. This city attracts and retains a significant number of interesting people. Although I did not participate in any Digital Nomad event or other meetups, aperitifs or social events to “network”, I met several people with whom I quickly established quite strong links. Most of us are visitors, all with enriching professional or personal experiences.

On the work side, I manage stress better. On this plan my recipe was simple for 2019: I have evolved in freewheeling. I started the year in burn-out with demanding customers on a part of my activity which represents at most 25% of my income. I opted for direct pruning and I did not retouch these tasks of the year. In the end I freed up a lot of time and I do not regret this choice. My income is however falling but rather than trying to compensate for it quickly by selling my time I work on personal projects. Failing to get money immediately, I enjoy training and thinking about new things.

Regrets ?

Yes full, starting with learning Thai. Burma, which is right next door and where I haven’t been. Ditto for the Chinese border.
Closer, in the city itself or in the surroundings, I would have liked to visit the Tao Garden, regularly frequent the French Buddhist library, practice various body-mind activities …
But for all these missed appointments, I have a good excuse that holds up well: the days are too short. They are all the more so when one lives them at a relatively indolent Asian rhythm. If there is one concept that I have understood well, it is that of pleasure at work. And that I do not regret!

Projects ?

Yes in the short term. On January 03 I leave Chiang Mai and Thailand for Vietnam, direction Hoi An for a well deserved little break from the start of the year! The 06 I will be in Ho Chi Minh and in the middle of the month I plan to visit Hanoi. During the whole month of January I will travel and in February I will choose a pleasant place to settle.

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